Palo Alto County Health System

Following is a list of telephone numbers that may be useful during your stay at Palo Alto County Hospital. You only need to dial the last four-digit number from any telephone within the hospital to reach the service listed. For instance, if you wanted to reach Administration, you would dial 5400.

Business Health Office (Occupational Health) 5469
Business Office/Financial Counseling 5403
Cardiac/Pulmonary Rehabilitation  5424
Communications (Public Relations)
Community Health (Home Health, Public Health) 5419
Diabetic Educator 5520
Family Practice Clinic – Emmetsburg 5555
Foundation Director
Health Information (Medical Records) 5431
Human Resources 5457
Home Health Services (Community Health) 5419
Home Care Services
Hospice 5422
Infection Control 5429
Laboratory 5488
Medication Assistance Program 5439
Nursing: Director of Nursing 5415
Nursing:  Nurse Supervisor 5414
Nursing:  Nurses Station
Nutrition Services Office 5432
Nutrition Services-Registered Dietitian 5425
Obstetrics    5530
Radiology 5416
Rehabilitation Services  5420
Willow Ridge    5480

For Outside Calls:

For local calls, dial 9, wait for a dial tone, and then dial your number. 

For long distance, dial 9 - 0 and the number you are calling. Calls can be collect, charged to your home phone or billed to your phone card. Calls cannot be charged on your hospital bill. If you need to call an 800 number, please dial 9-1-800 and the number. A pay phone is located in the front lobby next to Family Practice Clinic.

Your family and friends can dial your room directly. They should dial 852- 5 (and then your three-digit room number.) If you would rather not have calls to your room, please notify your nurse.