Mitchell County Regional Health Center
Jenny Buls

Director of Purchasing Services

Julie Brown

Director of Radiology

Diane Condon

Director of Patient Financial Services

Marlin Duren


Keri Erickson

Director of Laboratory Services

Gina Goddard

Director of Accounting Services

Lisa Wester

Registered Dietitian/Diabetic Educator

Dion King

Director of Facility Services

Jamie Sledd

Director of Rehabilitation Services

Jen Orman

Director of Surgical Services

Jill Connell

Director of Acute Care Services

Linda Brandau

Osage Clinic RN Supervisor

Elaine Steinberg

St. Ansgar Clinic RN Supervisor

Kevin Crowe 

Director of Emergency Medical Services

Sue Cowell

Director of Food and Nutrition

Jayne Olsen

Director of Specialty Services

Carter Patterson

Infection Prevention/Employee Health/Clinic Quality Coordinator