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Wellnet Business Health
Occupational Medicine Health and Safety
"For a Healthy Business"


Accessible and timely medical care for employers is the mission of the JobCare program. Local physicians with additional training in occupational medicine and health are available through the WELLNET program to provide a variety of medical services to area business and industry.

Corporate Health Services

WELLNET can assist employers in finding a qualified company physician. WELLNET works with the employer in insuring good lines of communication. Working as a partnership with the employer provides for a constructive work environment where workers can be treated and returned to work as soon as possible.

Services offered through the WELLNET are:

  • Pre-placement physical examinations.
  • Respiratory health assessment (OSHA Respirator Safety requirement).
  • US DOT drug screenings - random and post-accident, including BAT.
  • Workers Compensation - disability ratings and functional assessments.
  • Behavioral Evaluations and referrals to mental health programs.

 Employee Assistance Program

Emh Freedom House - Mental Health Center, under the direction of a psychiatrist, can provide businesses with an Employee Assistance Program. Licensed therapists are available to handle employer and employee problems 24 hours a day. Referrals to outpatient programs at Emh can be initiated for long-term problems. In addition, the mental health staff at Ellsworth Municipal Hospital Freedom House can provide supervisors training on a variety of topics including: EAP referrals, Alcohol & drug abuse recognition.

Rehabilitative Services

Licensed professionals in rehabilitation work as a team with the company physicians and employers to provide rehabilitation programs that focus on a "return to work site" approach to patient care.

Physical and Occupational Therapists visit the work site and structure programs that meet individual company and workers needs. Ergonomics and functional assessments prevent unnecessary injuries on the job.

  • ERGONOMIC ASSESSMENTS: on the site evaluations of how workers perform their duties and what changes in the work station or work environment can be made to prevent injuries before they can occur.
  • FUNCTIONAL ASSESSMENTS: simulating the workers' duties in the Clinic or at the work site can determine if the employee can perform the duties of a job safely and effectively - before an inappropriate placement can place the worker at risk.
  • MODIFIED WORK PROGRAMS: Occupational Therapists can design transitional work duties at the work site for employees.

Respiratory Therapists provide pulmonary function testing for respirator wearers and workers in hazardous environments.

  • FIT Testing of respirators, including testing workers under stress for pulmonary function while wearing a respirator can be done on site or in the clinics.

CASE MANAGEMENT: Contact WELLNET for Case Management of Worker's Compensation.

DRUG TESTING CONSORTIUM: Randomization of employees involved in a drug testing program through a computerized testing program.

WELLNET Resource Center
EMH Professional Building
520 Talbott Street
110 Rocksylvania Avenue
Iowa Falls, IA 50126

Email wellnet@mercyhealth.com

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