Hansen Family Hospital

Providers at Hansen Family Hospital and Clinics

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Hansen Family Hospital Medical Staff

  • Michelle Anderson, ARNP
  • Mark Andrew, M.D.
  • Joseph Brunkhorst, MD
  • Laura Brunsen, MD
  • Lee Carlson, ARNP-C
  • Jennifer Jass, DNP ARNP
  • Linda Gehrke, ARNP
  • Rhian Gronewold, ARNP-BC
  • Katie Haverkamp, MD
  • Aaron Heiar, DO
  • Abigail Hemken, MD
  • Curtis O’Loughlin, MD
  • Brianne Neuberger, PA-C
  • Jennie Nuehring, ARNP
  • Gregory Ogaard, DO
  • Abdul Panhwar, M.D.
  • Francis Pisney, MD
  • Erin Schmidt, MD
  • Sarah Scott, ARNP
  • Berri Swasand, MD
  • David Van Gorp, MD
  • Tasha Visser, ARNP
  • Carol Wilson, MSN, Certified Nurse Midwife


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