Hancock County Health System

Our goal is to make your business our priority!

Due to increasing demands upon employers to be accountable to employee health needs, rising workers' compensation, and health care costs, Hancock County Health System (HCHS) has created a Business Outreach Department to offer employers a variety of health and safety programs in an effort to promote a healthy workforce. HCHS is devoted to the prevention and management of occupational injury and illness.  Whether you’re a large or small business, the health of your employees has a direct impact on your company.  Accidents, illnesses, sick-days, loss-time - all affect business efficiency, productivity, and profit.  

Departments across HCHS work together in a collaborative effort to provide companies with services tailored to meet their individualized need. Our highly trained and caring professional staff has years of experience working with health promotion and prevention.   We will address your workplace needs with a full range of healthcare services from preventive to post-treatment care.

Our Services Include …

  • Medical Services
    • Pre-placement Exams
    • Workers Comp Injury/Illness treatment
    • Respirator Clearance Exams  
  • Laboratory Services
    • Drug & Alcohol Testing  24 Hour a day post-accident  and  reasonable suspicion  drugs  screens 
    • Wellness Screens
  • Employee Health
    • Blood Pressure Screens
    • Cholesterol Screens
    • Diabetic Screens
    • Immunization Clinics
    • CPR and First-aid Classes 
    • Blood-borne Pathogen Awareness Classes
  • Rehab Services
    • Treatment of Orthopedic Injuries
    • Work Conditioning Programs 
    • Functional Capacity Evals 
    • On-site PT Services
  • Business Health 
    • Respiratory Questionnaire 
    • PFT’s 
    • Respirator Fit Testing 
    • Certified Hearing Screen
    • Vision Screens
    • PCP Services
      • Job Site Analysis 
      • Post-offer Screens 
      • Fit for duty Screens


PCP is designed to assist employers in preventing work place injuries by properly matching their employees’ physical abilities to their new job. Utilizing state-of-the-art, proprietary software, the PCP machine completes a collection of multiple strength measurements in as little as 30 minutes with results available to employers within minutes. 

Benefits include:

  • Absolute Objective data
  • Match your employees’ level of ability according to the Department of Labor before they start the job.
  • Know what impairments your new hire will bring to the job!

For Clinic Appointments Call
Britt Medical Clinic, 641-843-5050
Garner Medical Clinic, 641-923-2651
Kanawha Medical Clinic, 641-762-3696
Wesley Medical Clinic. 641-679-4285

We’re dedicated to helping you…

  • Reduce healthcare costs and workers' compensation fees 
  • Increase productivity 
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Increase employee morale 
  • Maintain a healthy employee population

For more information, contact:
Becky Finch, RN
Business Outreach Coordinator 641-843-5000

Hancock County Health System
Business Health Department
532 1st St NW Britt, IA 50423