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Birthing Center

The Birthing Center at HFH...New mom and baby at EMH

 is, truly, "Where it All Begins". Families spend their first moments together in this warm, cozy, safe place surrounded by a professional staff of committed doctors and nurses. We have been welcoming babies for over a hundred years and it remains a very special moment for us to greet new little ones at HFH.

"Great and positive experience!"
"Always had help when needed."
"My visitors and I were comfortable."
"I learned some new ways to care for my baby."
"Fantastic and attentive OB staff!"

Compassionate Staff

Whether your labor is short or long, delivery is vaginal or c-section, you choose an epidural or to deliver without the use of pain medication, our nurses are here to help support you every step of the way. The same nurses who assist you in labor also assist during a c-section, offering you continuity of care. Our cherished staff will be remembered long after the birth of your baby.

 Delivery and Privacy

TheHFH Birthing Center has two private labor & delivery (L&D) rooms and three private patient rooms for the remainder of your stay. Patients recover briefly in L&D before moving to a warm and welcoming room where you are encouraged to have your newborn stay with you. The newborn nursery is located nearby within the same secure department.

 Your Care Team

Your delivery begins with our highly qualified staff of OB physicians and nurses. As labor progresses, we are ready for the unexpected:

  • Licensed anesthesia care providers available 24/7 to consult with your doctor and meet your pain management needs with intrathecal or epidural options.
  • On-site surgical services
  • 24/7 surgeon availability for c-section deliveries
  • All staff trained in Neonatal Resuscitation through Certification
  • Security system for the safety of your newborn

 We are here for you 24/7: Our physicians strive to deliver their own patients but at times your provider may be unavailable. 24/7 coverage from one of our team of OB providers ensures you are attended to when it is time for you to deliver or other obstetrical issues arise.


Dr. Abigail Ihrke-Hemken  

Abigail Hemken, D.O.

McFarland Clinic


Dr. Curtis O'Loughlin

Curtis O’Loughlin, M.D.

EMH Women's Health Clinic


Dr. Francis Pisney  


Francis Pisney, M.D.

Ellsworth Family Medicine


Dr. George Pfaltzgraff, EMH Surgeon

George Pfaltzgraff, M.D.

EMH Surgery Clinic


Carol Wilson Certified Nurse Midwife  


Carol Wilson, MSN, Certified Nurse Midwife

EMH Women's Health Clinic























If you or your baby needs additional care at any time during pregnancy, labor or after delivery, EMH has a close relationship with experts to ensure your new family gets the best possible start to your new life together.

High-Risk Pregnancy

Your family health provider can help you deal with a high-risk pregnancy through prenatal consultation, diagnosis and ultrasound. If your pregnancy is believed to be high-risk, EMH will refer you to the expertise you and your baby need through an extensive network of health care professionals throughout the region.

While you wait...

Attend your routine prenatal appointments and follow any instructions for a healthy pregnancy. Your family health provider will give you information about pregnancy and childbirth.

 In addition, we offer free tours of the Birthing Center and a variety of free classes for moms-to-be who plan on delivering at EMH:

  • NEW! Prepared Childbirth Education
      Plan and prepare for the big day!
  • Nutrition for Pregnancy
     Eating for 2—better, not more!
  • Caring for Your Newborn
    What to expect next!
  • Sibling Class
    For big brothers and sisters!

 Call 641-648-7014 for a class schedule or to register.

 Breastfeeding Support

For in-depth information, our breastfeeding class for expectant moms is taught by a certified Lactation Consultant and offers information about what to expect during the beginning days and duration of breastfeeding. Registration fee for the class is $15.00 and includes follow-up consultations as needed after baby arrives.

 Breastfeeding has a life long impact on both mom and baby’s health. We offer education and support to all breastfeeding mothers after delivery. We are here to help you have a positive and rewarding experience while meeting your personal breastfeeding goals.

Welcome, Little One!Welcome, little one!

Babies don’t come with a manual but our New Mom Packets are the next best thing. Our staff will thoroughly review important information and help you with any concerns you have as you prepare to take your baby home.

Photo package: We give baby the star treatment with Baby’s First Photo Session! You will receive a complimentary personalized CD to share baby’s first precious moment with friends and family.

Car Seat Safety: EMH has two certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians on staff to ensure baby’s safety when it’s time to go home.

Baby’s First Christmas: Once you've delivered at EMH, you're a part of our family. Each year, we invite the "family" back at Christmas time for Baby's First Christmas Party.

Those first few days after taking baby home can be scary and filled with questions, so our staff is here for you even after discharge. Call us at 641-648-7032.



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