Mitchell County Regional Health Center

MCRHC is the sole provider of health care - a Physician Hospital Organization in Mitchell County. MCRHC is directed by a seven member Board of Trustees who are community leaders from across our service area. 

We employ a staff of approximately 135 and are supported by a group of 30 volunteer who assure our patients are treated with world class service. The providers are a team of extremely dedicated medical professionals who strive to provide exceptional quality to our patients. 

The Board, Provider Staff, Administration, Employees and Volunteers work as a team to develop and administer a strategic plan. The strategic plan is built on six pillars of excellence or strategic initiatives.

  1. Improve Quality
  2. Manage costs
  3. Increase Access
  4. Enhance Customer Service
  5. Value Colleagues
  6. Grow Strategically

The goal of the plan is to achieve our mission of: Mitchell County Regional Health Center exists to provide quality healthcare and support to the people of Mitchell County and surrounding areas. Our commitment is to excellence in caring for our patients. We encourage your comments and feedback about anything at our facility. We strive to continually improve all our services to you, our patients. Without your feedback we can not make the necessary improvements. Our goal is to exceed your expectations. The greatest compliment you can give us is a referral to a friend, neighbor, or family member.

MCRHC Administration Personnel:

  • Shelly Russell, Chief Executive Officer
  • Gregory Burkel, Chief Financial Officer
  • Judy Brown,Chief Nursing Officer
  • Angie Konig, Senior Director of Human Resources
  • Kara Naig, Senior Director of Public Relations and Foundation
  • Sam Taets, Senior Director of Process Exellence
  • Vicki Brandau, Senior Director of PHO Clinics
  • Laura Potter, Administrative Assistant

Facility Phone Number: 641-732-6000

Compliance Program

Mitchell County Regional Health Center is committed to conducting its business both legally and morally by being fair and honest in all that we do. As evidence of this strong commitment, MCRHC developed the Compliance Accountability Program (CAP). Our CAP reflects the core values and beliefs that guide the PHO. It is an ongoing effort that is comprised of several parts. The overall goals and objectives of the program are to:

Establish policies and procedures to assist all employees with their responsibilities when caring for our patients and their families.

Generate awareness and understanding of the applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

Develop systems or processes that pertain to specific departments as well as specific clinical areas.

Aid all MCRHC employees in complying with the increasingly complex rules and regulations governing the health care industry.

Aid in the identification and correction of any actual or perceived compliance-related violations outlined in the MCRHC Code of Conduct or any other policy or procedure.